Basics of Life Fall Sharathon

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Basics of Life Fall Sharathon

When we think about the basics of life, we usually start with the physical aspects: food, health, finances.

Without question, those are important parts of life. I’m so grateful that we have Christ’s own promise that He will take care of our physical basics. In Matthew, 6:25-34, He reminds us that God clothes the flowers and feeds the birds. He knows our needs and will take care of them. But as believers, we understand that the real Basics of Life are not physical, but spiritual. In the passage referenced, that was the point Jesus was making. As we continue with verse 33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Yes, we need the physical basics, but it’s the spiritual that is the real Basics of Life.

…the real Basics of Life are not physical, but spiritual.

Mountain Gospel exists to help meet the spiritual Basics of Life. Our spiritual life starts with God’s grace, our repentance, and His forgiveness of sins. Salvation can’t be earned, bought, or borrowed, it’s the free gift of God. “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and not from yourselves, it is the gift of God” (Ephesians 2:8). Friend, I am so grateful for the forgiveness and restoration found in Christ Jesus, and we are sharing this message with everyone who will listen. But it doesn’t stop there! That’s only the beginning. We need a personal and dynamic relationship in our walk with the Lord every day. We need to be fed, nurtured, and helped along the way as we grow closer to Him. Mountain Gospel is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, encouraging, strengthening, teaching, and building you in the faith. Just recently, a pastor told me that he is constantly fed in his spirit as he listens. Every day he is giving of himself to others, and God uses this radio station to fill him back up for the ministry. We hand pick a variety of programs and music to meet a variety of needs, and so often God uses it to speak to someone at just the right moment in just the right way. A lady who recently lost her husband called me to say “thank you” for playing a song that talked about meeting a loved one in heaven – it was just what she needed in that very difficult moment. I had no idea, but God did. I could tell countless stories like these of how God is using this ministry every day to strengthen and build believers in their walk with Him. That’s the real Basics of Life.

Mountain Gospel is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Let me share with you some more exciting information about the impact that Mountain Gospel is having! In radio, it’s very hard to know how many people are listening or who all you are reaching just because there’s no way to track it other than people who let you know. To help with this, there are research companies that work to find out how many are listening and when, probably the largest and most reputable being Nielsen. We recently received information from Nielsen about our listening statistics and the results were both surprising and energizing! We reach more than 5,000 people every week in Eastern Kentucky. This is a conservative estimate, and the number could be much higher. Additionally, we receive thousands more tune-ins across almost every state in the United States and from over 100 countries around the world (including Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and many more) via our online streaming and call-to-listen number, and almost 1,000 people are reading the Mountain Gospel devotional book. We have never seen an impact this large in the history of the station.

We have never seen an impact this large in the history of the station.

Praise the Lord! Friend, in order to achieve this impact, we also have some Basics that need to be covered. Broadcasting 24/7 means that our equipment doesn’t take breaks, our lights don’t go off, and we never call it a day. Thanks to many volunteers, donations, and creativity, we are able to operate at a fraction of the cost of most stations our size. It takes $4,200 each week to make the impact that we are having. We need your investment to help meet our Basics, so that we can in turn continue to invest in the lives of others. Think about it this way, every dollar that you give to this ministry reaches two people for a week. Twenty-five reaches fifty, and fifty reaches one hundred. I’m so grateful for the many people who have given in the past to keep this station on the air for so many years. You may be one of those. Thank you! Once again I am asking for your help to reach our goal of raising $25,000 this Sharathon to cover the Basics of this ministry and allow us to share the Basics of Life with so many others. God is working in and through Mountain Gospel. It’s an exciting time to invest in this ministry. Will you help us with your best gift?

God is working in and through Mountain Gospel.

Please join us in the festivities of Sharathon all week from Tuesday, Oct 3 through Friday, Oct 6 with special guests throughout the day, live singers from 7-9 each evening and a fall cookout and concert on the Vancleve studio grounds Friday from 4-8pm. Featured singers are the Ole Stump Kickers, Billy Joe Mullins, the Gilbert Family, and the Calvary Heirs. We’d love to see you! You can also listen on 99.9 FM in Breathitt and surrounding counties, 1470 AM in Powell and surrounding counties, online at, or from any cell phone via our apps or by calling 712-432-3223.