Mountain Gospel Devotional

At Mountain Gospel Radio, we’re able to reach thousands of people not only in Eastern Kentucky where we’re located, but around the world through our online streaming! Our ministry goes beyond radio, however. Every three months we are able to send out a daily devotional to more than 1,500 people across the country! Thanks to the support of our friends and radio listeners, we’re able to put this devotional into the hands of those in homes, churches, prisons, nursing homes, and many other places! You too can receive this devotional free of charge!! There are two ways to sign up for our Mountain Gospel devotional.


First, you can download the app onto your mobile device. Whether you have Apple, Android, or anything else, you can gain access to the app by clicking on the link below and signing up!


If you prefer to receive a physical copy of the Mountain Gospel devotional, simply enter your name and home address in the spaces below. We’ll make sure to get the devotional to you at no charge!