Pineville Man Charged in Bizarre Shooting, Crash

Pineville Man Charged in Bizarre Shooting, Crash

Two men from Southeast Kentucky were driving in Claiborne County, TN Wednesday when the passenger shot and killed the driver.

Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to what was initially received as a traffic crash on Wednesday around 1:30 p.m. Responding officers later learned one of the two men involved was suffering from a gunshot wound.

Two men from Pineville, Kentucky, 40-year-old Charles Bussell and 24-year-old Jacob McGeorge, were driving east on Highway 63 when McGeorge shot and killed Bussell, who was driving at the time. The car then veered off the roadway and struck a tree.

McGeorge was arrested and booked into the Claiborne County Jail for criminal homicide.

Source: MG News

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