“Rejoice 2020 Encore” Fall Sharathon

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“Rejoice 2020 Encore” Fall Sharathon



Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could watch the radio? When you’re listening to your favorite program or music and thinking, “I’d love to see what’s happening?”


This year, we opened a new chapter in our future with the introduction of video broadcasts during our Rejoice 2020 event this spring. Of course, that video wasn’t on the radio specifically, because that isn’t technically possible right now. But the internet has opened up many new doors of opportunity and ministry where we can meet people in ways that are not possible otherwise. Our video broadcasts were via Facebook and YouTube. Mountain Gospel isn’t just radio – while maintaining radio as our primary focus, we’ve been able to expand ministry into areas of audio, video, and print, to take advantage of multiple media for the Gospel!

We’ve been able to expand our ministry!


I’m sure it’s fair to say that this year has been different than all of your expectations. It’s been very different for us as well. COVID-19 has created many new challenges, and many new opportunities. One of those has been the question of how we can create a virtual experience to bring joy and encouragement during a time when we cannot physically gather together in large groups.

COVID-19 has created many new opportunities

To better meet this need, we remodeled an unused portion of our studio building to create a beautiful space for video recording and broadcasts. If you participate in Fall Sharathon online, you’ll be able to see the new debut of our video studio! Included below are pictures so you can see the transformation.





We are excited to share this with you during Fall Sharathon. I hope you can participate all week, Monday October 5th through Friday October 9th. We will have special guests on the radio throughout the week during the day. Because of COVID-19, we will not have any in person gatherings. Instead, we are also hosting Rejoice 2020 Encore, a rebirth of our Spring event with more of your favorite groups. This broadcast event is available on our radio stations and also video broadcast on Facebook LIVE.

Rejoice 2020 Encore, with more of your favorite groups!

Each evening begins at 7 PM eastern:

Monday Double-Feature:  Les Butler of the Old Time Preachers Quartet

 The Gilberts of Jackson, KY

Tuesday:  The Jackson Family

Wednesday:  Rejoice Trio from Kentucky Mountain Bible College

Thursday:  The Family Sowell

Friday:  The Inspirations


Go to www.rejoice2020.com for all the details and to register for FREE! You don’t want to miss this exciting week of Southern Gospel and Gospel Bluegrass music.

Visit rejoice2020.com for more information!

Friend, we do need your financial support at this time. Our expenses have increased this year by 15%, largely driven by Covid and what has been required for us to operate in response. In addition, our regular monthly advertising income dropped by 12% as a result of a number of businesses closing temporarily due to Covid. Most of these will come back as they are able, but we definitely need an extra financial boost to help us finish out this year.

We NEED your support during this time!

Your giving allows us to reach thousands of listeners daily with the message of hope and encouragement through Gospel music and Christian programming. You can also help us toward finishing Project 2020 with the installation of a new FM broadcast in Powell County. Phase 1 is on track to be completed before the end of this year!

When you give $25 or more at this time, we would love to send you a copy of our new Scripture booklet, Strength in Weakness: Scripture for Troubled Hearts. It is full of Scripture in an easy to read format with promises and encouragements.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]