The Battle Over the School Board

The Battle Over the School Board

A bill aimed at undoing Gov. Andy Beshear’s overhaul of the Kentucky state school board won initial approval Thursday, threatening to move conflict between the new Democratic governor and Republicans looking to diminish his power further out into the open.

The measure, which passed a Senate committee, would prevent any governor from ordering a sweeping reorganization of the board that oversees Kentucky’s K-12 education system. It’s a response to action Beshear took on his first day in office to disband and then recreate the Kentucky Board of Education, fulfilling a pledge he made during the governor’s race last year.

Beshear was swept into office last year with strong support from public school teachers. He had expressed concerns about the previous board’s affinity for charter schools.

All of the governor’s appointees were Democrats, which drew the ire of Republican lawmakers.

Source: MG News

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