WV Gov. Fighting $35M Penalty for Failing to Mine in Breathitt Co.

WV Gov. Fighting M Penalty for Failing to Mine in Breathitt Co.

Lawyers for the business empire of West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice want a federal judge to reconsider an order that would force the companies to pay $35 million for defaulting on a mining contract.

The lawsuit stems from a 2005 deal in which Kentucky Fuel gained the right to mine coal in Breathitt County in exchange for royalties. The company, operated at the time by Justice and still controlled by his family, never mined the coal.

The $35 million ruling came down last month, but a Justice company lawyer this week asked the judge to reconsider how much they should have to pay. They argue that the figure is excessive and are vowing to appeal if the judge doesn’t change his mind.

Source: MG News

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